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Western Spindalis Spends Winter at Garden

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Mary Chandler, President of the the Key West Botanical Garden Society recently said, "The Garden’s vitality can be seen not just in the vegetation, but within the fauna found as well. As a protected habitat, conversations continue to circle on the sightings here of rare and unusual birds. Although not fully realized, the migration has been noted for weeks and guests admittedly state they have traveled far distances by plane and auto just to see one special bird that has decided to rest here, the Western Spindalis, she is a beauty. Vireos, buntings, thrushes and more join the winged parade. Binoculars are appreciated but not needed. You should come see for yourself."

Several visiting birders have captured her photographically and we thank them for donating these images to the Garden ....

Photo by Alex Lamoreaux

Photo by Rick Anderson

Photo by Carl Ball